Eye Care

Decoding the Role of an Optometrist in Eye Care

The Vital Role Of Optometrists In Preserving Vision When it comes to maintaining healthy vision, optometrists play a pivotal role. These skilled professionals specialize in providing comprehensive eye care to individuals of all ages. Through a combination of expertise, advanced technology of DeCarlo Optometry, and a deep understanding of the intricacies of the visual system, […]

close-up shot of an eye with glaucoma

Understanding, Managing, And Treating Glaucoma: A Comprehensive Guide

Complete Guide To Glaucoma: Understanding, Managing, And Treating Glaucoma, The Eye Condition At DeCarlo Optometry Placentia, we bring clarity to your world with comprehensive eye care solutions. We specialize in various services, including primary eye care, diagnosis, and treatment of eye conditions like glaucoma, and even unique services such as storm damage. Our top-notch experts […]

Close up shot of bloodshot and red eye

Understanding Red And Bloodshot Eyes: Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

Explore the Factors Behind Red and Bloodshot Eyes Are you experiencing red and bloodshot eyes and wondering what might be causing them? Redness in the eyes can be a common occurrence, often indicating irritation, inflammation, or an underlying eye condition. Understanding the potential causes helps determine when to seek professional care from DeCarlo Optometry and […]

a woman working on her laptop

Computer Vision Syndrome: Side Effects Of Prolonged Screen Time

Side Effects Of Staring At Screens For Extended Periods Called Computer Vision Syndrome Discover the difference with DeCarlo Optometry Placentia, your trusted partner in maintaining optimal eye health. Our comprehensive services range from routine eye exams to specialized care for conditions like computer vision syndrome. Have you experienced storm damage affecting your vision? We’re here […]