Eye Exams Are Important For Everyone, Here's Why!

Eye Exams Are Important For Everyone, Here’s Why!

Importance Of Eye Exams

The purpose of eye exams isn’t always to clean the eyes or determine if contact lenses or spectacles are necessary. The optical exams are usually intended to test your eyesight. Every person neglects their eyes the most and optical exams address this issue just as they would with any other part of their body.

Putting your optical health first is our primary goal at DeCarlo Optometry! We make sure your eyes are examined thoroughly using the newest technology. With our high-quality spectacles, contact lenses, and vision therapy, we can help you achieve the best vision correction. Get an optical exam near me from our team today! Our clinic offers eye exams for doctors near me of all ages!

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Importance Of Eye Exams
Importance Of Eye Exams

Why Do You Need To Have An Eye Exam?

The question is frequently asked by people who are unaware of the importance of optical exams. The test is necessary when an ophthalmologist examines your eyes to determine if you need corrective lenses or if you suffer from an optical disease. A doctor will usually conduct an optical exam and an overall health checkup together when you see an eyes specialist since your eyes are an indicator of diseases that may affect your body in other ways.

Optical exams are important for both adults and children for maintaining and assessing their general health. To ensure that you can see clearly, it is important to have your eyes examined regularly. In addition to checking for vision problems, regular optical examinations can check for eye diseases or conditions that could compromise your whole health. Because vision and eye health are so vital to learning and development, we strongly recommend having an optical examination for children and infants.

What Do Doctors Look For?

Doctors do optical examinations on their patients to determine whether they are suffering from amblyopia, a condition where one eye is accustomed to seeing differently than the other. A patch is placed on the other eyes for a short period of time by the optical doctor during examinations to correct the problem.

A comprehensive optical exam also includes testing the refraction of the eye. Your doctor uses this test to determine whether you are farsighted, nearsighted, or astigmatic and prescribes the appropriate lenses or glasses that will enable you to see correctly.

It is also possible to test for Strabismus, another such eye condition. During this test, your eye doctor will determine whether your eyes are perfectly aligned. The alignment doesn’t need to change if they’re aligned properly and working together. A correcting treatment for eye alignment may be necessary if your eyes are misaligned.

1. Other Eye Diseases

Glaucoma and diabetes-related eye diseases are also common eye conditions that can be diagnosed. A doctor can make a diagnosis after performing a full physical examination, including checking blood vessels in the eye and scans of the retina. Especially because of diabetes and glaucoma of the eyes, which may not show any symptoms until the eyes have been destroyed. This is why an optical exam can help prevent many degenerative eye conditions. For this reason, it is recommended that you get two eye exams per year.

2. Exams For Children

Parents tend to believe that optical tests for their children aren’t necessary until the child can read and write, but this viewpoint can affect a child’s development unknowingly if this child is suffering from a vision issue. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), your child would benefit from a checkup while he/she is still making up for developmental delays caused by eye issues. From birth until kindergarten, the AOA recommends children have regular optical examinations.

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