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Identifying Keratoconus

Taking away our sight is one of the darkest situations we may encounter. Not seeing our face again, and everything around us feels like we cannot handle anything. To avoid this, let us educate ourselves: What is Keratoconus? At DeCarlo Optometry we specialize in Keratocunus!

Keratoconus is a two-sided moderate infection of the cornea. It gives limited diminishing and projection of corneal tissue, alluded to as a cone. Keratoconus is a condition of the eye. The clear front surface of the eye thins and becomes cone-shaped. As a result, the light will enter the eye’s surface and interact instead of passing through the retina.

It is why people with Keratoconus usually need corrective lenses to see well. When we wear our glasses or contact lenses for this condition, they correct our damaged eye. It occurs when we look through this misshapen cornea.

Does it seem like this kind of condition is a sensitive one? So you better let the professionals handle the situation. You may please go to an experienced ‘Keratoconus Specialist Near Me. DeCarlo Optometry Placentia is an Eye Care Optometry in Placentia California

DeCarlo Optometry Placentia offers services, such as eye exams and contact lens services. We also provide red-eye checks, diabetic retina exams, and glaucoma management. We provide keratoconus management. It features Scleral Contact Lenses and the NovaKone soft lens for Keratoconus. We also offer Myopia Control- Ortho K, LASIK co-management. And at last, cataracts and macular degeneration screenings.

Our clinic is very reliable and trustworthy. You can check testimonials from our clients. Furthermore, you can read our frequently asked questions posted on the website. It will answer questions you have in your mind. 

We know that you’re searching for “Eye Doctors that Specialize in Keratoconus Near Me.” We have the most excellent Keratoconus specialist in DeCarlo Optometry. So do not hesitate to contact us now at (714) 996-1136 to book your session.

Causes Of Keratoconus

You are still trying to figure out why certain people or why you get Keratoconus. It develops for no clear cause in the majority of instances. Environmental and genetic variables have an essential role in its development.

Identifying Keratoconus
Identifying Keratoconus

1. Family History

There is some evidence that heredity has a role in Keratoconus development. In an online study, between 8% and 10% of people believe their condition passed through a family member.

Some persons with Keratoconus have genes that predispose them. It develops the condition if exposed to specific environmental variables. You have a higher chance of contracting this disease if someone in your family has it. If you have it, start having your children’s eyes tested with us at a sign around the age of ten.

2. Underlying Disorder

In the presence of a condition, disorders in the surface of Keratoconus might emerge. Still, there is no direct link between the two. 

Among these conditions are Down syndrome and sleep apnea. Also, some tissue problems can be a factor. It includes Marfan and brittle cornea syndrome and Leber congenital amaurosis.

Allergies, asthma, and atopic eye illness can cause inflammation in the corneal tissue. It can cause it to break down.

3. Risk Factors

Excessive contact lens usage is two environmental risk factors. It may contribute to the development of Keratoconus. Rubbing your eyes too hard will wear down the cornea over time. It can also hasten the progression of Keratoconus if you already have it.

Signs And Symptoms 

Before making any move, you first understand some of the information you need. Our Best Doctor For Keratoconus will further discuss your condition upon your visit. So better to get an appointment with us. But, here are some things you might know about Keratoconus. 

Symptoms are blurry distance vision and glare from lights at night. Also, it includes as well as frequent changes in eyeglass prescriptions. And at last on wearing out of eyeglass prescriptions over time. Eye rubbing can lead to Keratoconus. Eye trauma is sometimes associated with early Keratoconus.

It also includes visual distortions and clouded vision. Sometimes it involves blurred objects near or far to you and itchy eyes. Yet, these signs and symptoms of Keratoconus are the same as what you are experiencing. But, it does not mean you have this kind of eye disease. Signs and symptoms are most alike with other illnesses that are hard to identify. So that’s why we recommend having a visit with us and letting our Doctor do the job for you. 

Keratometry is the measurement of your cornea’s shape. Place a unique contact lens on the eye’s surface while taking a photo from the front and back. It will show how light reflects the look from different angles. Our Doctor can explain how these tests can help identify Keratoconus upon your visit. 

Keratoconus Specialists Near Me In Placentia CA
Keratoconus Specialists Near Me In Placentia CA


Keratoconus is an eye disease that results in blurred vision. It will become light sensitivity and even blindness. Most cases of Keratoconus occur when the cornea develops a cone-like bulge. In this case, it makes it difficult to see very clear. 

Keratoconus usually affects both eyes. Yet, this condition is often more severe in one eye than another. Usually, early Keratoconus will lead to mild vision impairment. In contrast, severe cases of Keratoconus can lead to blindness if left untreated.

Eye doctors specializing in Keratoconus often treat this condition with special contact lenses. Vision correction can help some patients achieve 20/40 vision or better. It includes eyeglasses, contact lenses, corneal transplant surgery, and many more. Yet, some patients experience ongoing visual impairment despite treatment.

Eye care professionals also use prescription eye drops called topical medications. It improves a patient’s vision while wearing a contact lens. Some doctors may prescribe eye drops to reduce inflammation or increase tear production.

Signs of Progressive Keratoconus Condition

Lenses For Keratoconus 

Keratoconus can cause blindness, and we can help you with your problem with this disease. In our clinic, we offer Lenses for Keratoconus and Dry Eye. Other clinics offer traditional RGP contact lenses. But, we know that these lenses are uncomfortable and, in some cases, unhealthy. 

This illness has no definitive cure and very few medications available to treat it. Doctors treat Keratoconus using scleral lenses, a form of contact lens. It’s a pair of enormous, soft contact lenses that lie right on top of your eyes instead of on the surface.

Keratoconus is an eye disorder in which the cornea thins and bulges outward into a cone shape over time. Your cornea is the window of the eye. The cornea becomes cone-like, damaging vision than traditional soft lenses cannot correct. A well-fit Nova Kone soft lens or Scleral RGP vaults over the cornea. It also offers a smooth optical surface along with excellent vision and comfort.

These lenses are more comfortable and healthier than a corneal RGP lens. It can touch and rub on the apex of the corneal cone. 

Best Keratoconus Specialists Clinic

Many clinics proclaim that they are the best Keratoconus Clinic. They are giving fake information and clickbait marketing strategies for money. People nowadays are more up to what they can earn. And, they are not thinking of what could be the possible effect. We have to be mindful and search deeper with the clinics around us. Doctors deal with life and death, so we must choose the right one. 

We received excellent feedback and great testimonials from our previous client. Aside from this, there are also other things on checking our reliability. 

DeCarlo Optometry has been in the service of providing top-level eye care since 1989. Our clinic features fine eyewear. Brands include Tom Ford, Tiffany & Co., Gucci, Nike, Oakley, Ray-Ban, and Calvin Klein. 

Besides, we offer different services as mentioned above. It means that we are capable of doing many things. It also means that our clinic is reliable and lasts longer for over 30 years. In this matter, our clinic has treated many patients and given their clear vision back again. 

DeCarlo Optometry is proficient and excellent at fitting specialty contact lenses.

It is good to see beautiful things like God’s creations. It includes you and your family’s faces, nature, and rainbows. These things play a vital role for you as a human being. Taking Care of your cornea is not an easy thing to do. Doctors with whom you will get your treatment must have a great experience. In this matter, the mistake should never be an option. 

Put your eyes in good hands, to whom you can trust and a reliable one. Please do not hesitate to contact us now at (714) 996-1136. We look forward to meeting you and providing you with exceptional eye care. Get and Book an Appointment with us! 

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